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TRE® Module 3 Training

via ZOOM

Sheila Frick

Fri July 9 – Sat July 10
10:00 am – 5:00 pm CST

Price: $300.00

TRE® Advanced Training

via ZOOM

Dr. David Berceli & TRE® Global Trainers

Fri Sept 10 – Sat Sept 11
Fri Sept 24 – Sat Sept 25

Price: $125/day or $450/all

TRE® for Children & Families

via ZOOM

Sheila Frick & Jacy Sundlie

Sun Nov 14 – Mon Nov 15
10:00 am – 5:00 pm CST

Price: $350.00

From Amazing Students


Jacy, I was so impressed with how you handled the discussion raised by the student. It really was inspiring to me to witness you be able to take a potentially difficult conversation and to treat it respectfully, honestly and maturely with composure and compassion . Great role-modeling for all of us!
Thank you Jacy for Guiding us, Challenging us, Sharing your wisdom with us, Hanging in there with us, and your Dedication to Healing! You have touched so many lives and we are honored that you share your lessons, love, and knowledge with us. Thank you!!

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