TRE® Marketing Workshop - September 2022

Videos, handouts, and the chat (at the bottom of the page) are linked below. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Jason Freshly

Jacy Sundlie

Morning Session Chat:

01:07:07 Arjuna George: Talking about webpages, I would love to see your webpage for TRE if you have one.  Post link here.  My site is  and is a new work in progress site.

01:12:34 Adamantia Klonaris: Hey Arjuna and all! Great idea, here is my website that includes TRE & Coaching: 

01:24:26 Derryn Snowdon: Great webinar Jason! Thank you so much I feel as though I am catching up with this again… my website is . I’d love to connect with others here today and support each other going forward

01:36:32 Jason Freshly: canva

01:38:16 Arjuna George: Canva is amazing!  Well worth the paid version.

01:45:26 Jason Freshly: captcha

02:02:06 Jason Freshly: linktree

02:02:24 Elke Hausler – UK: Is linktree free?

02:06:10 Jennifer Foo: thanks

02:13:06 Jason Freshly: YouTube Playlist – it will also be sent along with the recordings 

02:15:03 Bambi-canada-english: when we take a YouTube video by the link to our site/page will the advertising, on it, come with it?  If yes how can we get rid of the advertising?

02:23:13 Jason Freshly: Bambi- I will get you an answer, there are things you can do, but I don’t remember the details off the top of my head 🙂

02:39:41 Derryn Snowdon: Apologies to run off but I could smell something burning in the kitchen! only half burnt so that is not so bad.

02:40:24 Derryn Snowdon: I am interested in working with women to benefit PMS and menopause as I have already seen these benefits with clients

02:40:33 Derryn Snowdon: working with TRE with people

02:42:06 Derryn Snowdon: Kathleen I need to go walk my dog now and will catch up with the recording. Excuse me. Wishing you all a lovely fruitful meeting. 🙂

03:20:15 Kate Pattee: Curious if there is standard pricing for individual/group/ workshop pricing because that would be helpful. 

03:41:11 Jennifer Foo: Pricing can be tricky. in person and zoom session

03:51:15 Raquel Flores – Brasil: 60 euros here are 300 BRL

03:51:48 Arjuna George: I charge $120 FYI.  BC Canada

03:51:50 Raquel Flores – Brasil: too expensive for MANY people…

03:52:09 Arjuna George: But also do a sliding scale

03:53:42 Arjuna George: $90 USD is the converstion

04:02:16 Jennifer Foo: Thank you Kathleen

04:06:57 Jason Freshly: We will be ending this meeting shortly and you can use the link to rejoin in 3 hours 🙂

Kathleen Johnson

Dr. David Berceli

Afternoon Session Chat:

00:35:10 Jason Freshly: 

00:36:56 Arjuna George: Yes, that is kinda what I thought too

00:37:10 Chris: David has a video of the exercises on his YouTube channel

00:46:05 Bambi Blair: PHSG is the insurance company that came from TRE Canada.

01:35:44 Elke Hausler – UK: I help my clients in Newmarket and online to overcome chronic pain and illness by regulating the Nervous System so they can live a pain-free life. TRE consists of 7 exercises that will re-activate an inate tremor mechanism. Shaking is natural and it’s a safe way to release tension and stress in the body.

01:36:04 Karina Cavalli: Thank You very much

01:36:09 Elke Hausler – UK: I specialise in helping people with chronic pain

01:59:19 Jennifer Foo: Manifestation is something that my wellness coaching group shares. i have been practising this too !

03:18:27 shelly: I love this presentation.  Thank you David.  Sorry, but I have to leave.  Thank you all for this amazing community! It’s a community of love!

03:35:10 Martez Schembri-Diskey: TRE in the parks

03:35:22 Bambi Blair: I have been sleeping on a Earthing mat/sheet for 30+ years.

03:36:34 Jennifer Foo: what’s an earthing sheet ?

03:39:12 Bambi Blair: search ‘sleeping earth mat’

03:40:28 Jennifer Foo: Thanks Bambi

03:40:47 Kate Pattee: Thanks for asking Jennifer!

03:41:31 Bambi Blair: pleasure!

03:46:40 Jason Freshly: Some more info on earthing to share 🙂 (PS, I love my earth runners)-  & here’s a documentary 

03:51:49 Martez Schembri-Diskey: The Myth of Normal, by Gabor and Daniel Mate

03:52:32 Jennifer Foo: waiting for Gabor Mate’s new book !!!

03:53:38 Kate Pattee: Me too!!!

03:55:59 Kate Pattee: I need in my hands because I will mark it up as I read.

04:03:27 Chris: There is a recent book about humility, embodiment, and death that I enjoyed, by Barbara Ehrenreich who passed away recently, called “Natural Causes”. 

04:16:08 Martez Schembri-Diskey: My  favorite quote: Quote by Viktor E. Frankl: “Between stimulus and response there is a space….” “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

04:17:20 Chris: In my experience, the danger of “wokeness” is often exaggerated by people who use it as a moral justification to do harm (such as banning books, Texas/Florida laws regarding lgbtq folks in public schools, etc)

04:20:56 Kate Pattee: Yes Chris!

04:22:54 Bambi Blair: it’s an unfortunate statement that humans choose to be lazy and it is also promoted and marketed.  Take the easy way out which seems to be not based in research of all sides of story or responsibility of one’s actions.

04:47:42 Jennifer Foo: i love this the vibration stuff

04:57:05 Bambi Blair: we can learn to respond instead of react, if we choose to

04:59:54 Martez Schembri-Diskey: we tried here in Canada

05:12:34 Kate Pattee: Thank you all!

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