TRE® Advanced Training Friday Sept 10th Recordings

You can view each session below and if any additional information was made available by the presenter, it will be listed.

Dr. David Berceli

A QUOTE FROM THE SESSION:  Practical medicine is and has always been an art, and the same is true of practical analysis. True art is creation, and creation is beyond theories. That is why I say to any beginner: Learn your theories as well as you can but put them aside when you touch the miracle of the living soul. Not theories but your own creative individuality alone must decide. -C.J. Jung

Cyrinne Ben Mamou

These are the Youtube videos shared in the presentation that were asked about by a few participants.

Sheila Frick

Sai Kane

We unfortunately had a recording error and this session is not available.

Please check back for updates as we look at alternate options.

Here is a video from David Berceli’s YouTube of Sae working virtually with a client

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