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Jacy Sundlie

Jacy has been involved with TRE since 2008. She has been a Certification Trainer since 2010 and helped develop the first TRE certification program. As a licensed Social Worker, RYT Yoga instructor, massage therapist, Life Coach and Reiki Master, Jacy brings all of these modalities into play to enhance the TRE trainings. Her passion for TRE integrates her extensive education, life experiences, and work history to focus on empowering the individual’s growth in all aspects of life. She has been leading the way in teaching groups of students in the TRE certification process.

Jacy also developed the first program within the VA system in Madison, WI certifying staff to teach TRE to veterans which continues as an integral part of their therapy. Jacy uses her creativity and sense of humour to promote and teach TRE exercises, certify practitioners, and facilitate certification workshops for individuals as well as private organizations all over the US. “I have personally benefitted from TRE,” Jacy says. “It has relieved my symptoms of TMJ, sciatica, and lower back pain and has contributed to a calmer, more peaceful way of being for me.” A DVD demonstrating modifications and adaptions to the TRE exercises which Jacy co-created is currently for sale on the traumaprevention.com website.

From Amazing Students


Jacy, I was so impressed with how you handled the discussion raised by the student. It really was inspiring to me to witness you be able to take a potentially difficult conversation and to treat it respectfully, honestly and maturely with composure and compassion . Great role-modeling for all of us!
The first day, entering the zoom meeting and seeing Jason helping. I felt cared for and thought Jacy is amazing, she took care of every little detail so she and David could be with us a 100 percent.

The online training via zoom was empowering. I felt nurtured by the group and Timothy in the breakout rooms. I felt the program was perfect with timing. Jacy and David held a beautiful space for me to explore my body and gain knowledge. I wanted to thank Jacy for holding the group sessions before the training. It was a perfect prep to align us and align our mats in advance.

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